World’s First quad-core smart phone

A lot of smartphone manufacturers are just starting to jump aboard the dual core smartphone bandwagon while HTC have had their dual core phones out for a while now. While the other manufacturers are playing catch up, the world’s first quad-core smartphone has been leaked and it comes from none other than the Taiwan company, HTC.

The leak comes courtesy of PocketNow and the HTC Edge is penned as a premium handset, which for the most part will incorporate the latest mobile technologies. The HTC Edge is speculated to be the successor to the recently unveiled HTC Rezound. The Edge is rumoured to have an Nvidia AP30 Tegra 3 CPU with four 1.5GHz cores, along with 1GH of RAM and it’s 4.7″ display will have a resolution of 720p. 

The camera however will most likely remain at 8 megapixels, with 28-millimeter f/2.2 lens. Internal memory is as of yet unknown but, bets are on that the HTC Edge will have 32GB of internal storage and come with Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich and could be one of the first devices to run Sense 4.0. The Edge will include Beats Audio like the Rezound. As well as Sense 4.0, HTC may roll-out improved, or even new HTC content services, such as HTC Read bookstore, HTC Listen music store and the HTC Play gaming hub.

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